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TOLNet - Tropospheric Ozone Lidar Network
Ground-Based Profiling of Tropospheric Ozone

Third Annual
Tropospheric Ozone Lidar Network (TOLNet)
Science Team Meeting, June 28-30, 2016
EPA Research Triangle Park
3rd Annual TOLNet meeting 2016 at RTP   ( Click on image to view full scale )

 Tuesday, 28 June 2016
09:00  Introduction
09:00Terry KeatingWelcome
09:10Mike NewchurchTOLNet Charge to Science Team PowerPoint document
09:30Barry LeferNASA HQ Perspective
09:50Mike NewchurchTOLNet Overview PowerPoint document
10:10 Discussion
10:30  Break
11:00  TOLNet & Air Quality Planning
11:00Pat DolwickEPA/OAR PowerPoint document
11:20Joel DreessenMaryland PowerPoint document
11:40Tom McGee/John SullivanGSFC PowerPoint document
12:00  Lunch
13:00Michael GeigertConnecticut PowerPoint document
13:20Tom MooreWESTAR PowerPoint document
13:40Kevin StrawbridgeECCC PDF document
14:00 Discussion
14:30  Break
15:00  TOLNet & CABOTS
15:00Eileen McCauleyCARB
15:20Andy Langford

Chris Sneff
ESRL - STT during the first CABOTS IOP PowerPoint document
Preliminary Results from the TOPAZ Ozone Lidar Deployment at the CABOTS CampaignPowerPoint document
15:40 Discussion
16:10Gao ChenLaRC Data PowerPoint document
16:30 Discussion
17:00  Adjourn for the Day

 Wednesday, 29 June 2016
09:00  TOLNet & Model Development and Evaluation
09:00Tim BerkoffLaRC PDF document
09:20Rohit MathurEPA/ORD PowerPoint document
09:40Matthew JohnsonARC PowerPoint document
10:00 Discussion
10:30  Break
11:00  TOLNet & Future Monitoring Network Design
11:00Kevin CavendarEPA/OAR PowerPoint document
11:20Thierry Leblanc

Thierry Leblanc

Maria J. Granados-Muñoz
TMF PowerPoint document
Validation Campaign PowerPoint document

Understanding tropospheric ozone above TMF PowerPoint document
11:40  Lunch
12:40Rachelle Duvall EPA/ORD PowerPoint document
13:00Shi KuangUAH PowerPoint document
13:20Mike NewchurchPast and Future Campaigns PowerPoint document
13:40 Discussion
14:10  Break
14:40  TOLNet Operations
14:40Terry LeblancAlgorithm Development PowerPoint document
15:10Raul AlvarezHardware Discussion PowerPoint document
15:40 Wrap Up
16:00  Adjourn Meeting

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