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TOLNet - Tropospheric Ozone Lidar Network
Ground-Based Profiling of Tropospheric Ozone

First Tropospheric Ozone Lidar Network (TOLNet)
Working Group Meeting, May 13-14, 2014

University of Alabama in Huntsville
National Space Science and Technology Center
320 Sparkman Dr., Huntsville, AL 35805 USA
1st Annual TOLNet meeting May 2014 at UAH    ( Click on image to view full scale )

 Day 1: Tuesday May 13, 2014
0800   Registration at NSSTC
0845 Prof. John Christy/Dir. Earth System Science Center;
Prof. Sundar Christopher/Chair Atmospheric Science Department
0855 Mike Newchurch introduction and logistics
0900 Gao Chen Data archiving and website
0930 Thierry Leblanc 1. Retrieval consistency (what should be done consistently within TOLNet)
2. Error characterization (retrieval details with implications for consistency)
1045   Break
1100 John Sullivan Algorithm validation studies to implement (1) Consistency and (2) Error characterization
1200 Mike Newchurch FY15+ proposal status - remaining tall poles to think about, group-suggestions for updates
1230-1315   Lunch at NSSTC
1330   Ozonesonde launch by Gao Chen at NSSTC Balloon Facility
1345 John Burris and Raul Alvarez Next Generation Hardware Plan including CCNY site and SBIR
1430  Break and GEO CAPE telecon
1500 John Sullivan Discussion of Chesapeake Bay land/sea breeze and NBL study
1530 Brian Huang Theoretical expectations for PBL ozone morphology
1600 Tom McGee and Russell DeYoung LaRC intercomparison results
1630 Chris Senff DISCOVER-AQ Campaign discussion
1730   Adjourn
1800   Dinner at Space and Rocket Center Apollo Terrace
1900   Tour Space and Rocket Center Davidson Center
2100   End of Space and Rocket Center event

 Day 2: Wednesday May 14, 2014
0800   Gather at NSSTC room 4078
0845   Walk to Tech Hall
0900 Mike Newchurch External Panel to engage the broader science and policy communities with our measurements.
Panel: Brad Pierce, Gail Tonnesen, Jim Szykman, Sasha Madronich, Arastoo Biazar.
Venue: Tech Hall a/v room. Walk from NSSTC. External panel remote access via GoToMeeting.
1030   Walk back to NSSTC
1045 Andy Langford Strengths, limitations, and differences of TOLNet lidars.
1100 Mike Newchurch Proposed 2015, 16, or 17 Campaign ideas including process studies: Urban diurnal processes, STE, PBL, attribution.
Possible campaigns: SJV @ Bakersfield 8/2015 (ESRL, GSFC?, LaRC?), CARB (very tentative), WETTNUS NE US Jan/Feb 2015 (C-130 + tower), Korea 2016.
Guidance: Over 3 years, plan to execute 2 campaigns from 4 or 5 potential candidates.
1230-1315   Lunch provided at NSSTC
1315 Shi Kuang UAH lidar tour
1345 Alex Pszenny and Jay Al-Saadi FY15/16/17 Proposal to HQ
1500   Break
1515   Next Science Team meeting; any other business
1600   Adjourn


Discussion leaders are requested to frame their assigned topics in a small number of slides then to focus the discussion to develop consensus on the group approach to each topic. Plan on 3/4 of the time being devoted to discussion, brainstorming, and new ideas not presentation.

There will be two rooms available for breakout sessions.
Dress is blue jean/shorts casual.

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