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TOLNet - Tropospheric Ozone Lidar Network
Ground-Based Profiling of Tropospheric Ozone

TOLNet 2017 Technical Meeting
19-21 September 2017

Egbert, Ontario, Canada

Author / PresenterTitle
K. Strawbridge Agenda Word document
T. Leblanc Review of TOLNet Algorithms “Shake Up” PowerPoint document
J. Sullivan, T. McGee Using Analog Signals : Are we all good with that? PowerPoint document
C. Senff Using analog signals: Detection noise uncertainty for TOPAZ analog signals PowerPoint document
C. Senff Aerosol and clouds treatment for TOPAZPowerPoint document
T. Leblanc An NDACC-standardized approach for the treatment of uncertainty within TOLNet PowerPoint document
G. Kirgis Effects of Temperature and Air Density Profiles on Ozone Lidar RetrievalsPowerPoint document
T. Leblanc Standardized Definition of Vertical Resolution for TOLNet PowerPoint document
T. Leblanc ZIP document
J. Sullivan, et al. Ozone Water-Land Environmental Transition Study (OWLETS): Highlights from NASA GSFC PowerPoint document
G. Gronoff, et al. OWLETS: Ship Titration EventPDF document
  UAV_CBBT_F1_F9_08_01_2017_1199.kmzKMZ document
T. Berkoff, et al. OWLETS 2017 Ozone Water-Land Environmental Transition Study PDF document
A. Langford, C. Senff, et al. Fires, Asian, and Stratospheric Transport - Las Vegas Ozone Study (FAST-LVOS) PowerPoint document
S. Kuang, M. Newchurch Recent Ozone Studies at the UAH Station PowerPoint document
S. Kuang, M. Newchurch Ground-based lidar for atmospheric boundary layer ozone measurements PowerPoint document
N. Abuhassan Pandora Spectrometer System PowerPoint document
K. Strawbridge Mobile Autonomous Ozone, Aerosol and Water Vapor Profiling – AMOLITE PowerPoint document
D. Pendlebury, et al. The impact of chemical lateral boundary conditions in a regional air quality forecast model on surface ozone predictions during stratospheric intrusions PowerPoint document
P. Makar, et al. High Resolution Simulations of Ozone Using GEM-MACH: Opportunities for Connections with TOLNet PowerPoint document
D. Tarasick Ozonesonde Networks: Canadian and Global: Past and FuturePowerPoint document

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