Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change

NDACC Data Ingest

This site offers the NDACC data providers (PIs) the ability to upload and archive their datasets thru our automated web-based tools.

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Who Can Upload Data

✔ Any established NDACC PI who has already a registered account on the [LaRC] server

✔ New users should contact Jeannette Wild for affiliation with NDACC

Data Upload Process

✔ Sign up for an account. Sign up here »

✔ Use only approved file formats: files are automatically scanned and feedback is displayed immediatly whether or not the uploaded files contain any format errors

Data Download

✔ Available public data can be accessed here:

✔ Restricted data can be accessed here:

*(Login required)

For help, please contact Jeannette Wild, Gao Chen, or Ali Aknan