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DISCOVER-AQ: Presentations & Posters (AGU 2014, et al)

» Presentations
  1. Summary of Micro-Pulse LidarData Obtained During NASA's DISCOVER-AQ field missions Berkoff, Timothy, Raymond M Hoff, Ruben Delgado, Patricia Sawamura, Jamie Compton, Daniel Orozco, John Sullivan, Rebecca Pauly, Richard Clark, Ricardo Uribe, Jean Vivola, Courtney DeLong, Andrea Thomas, William Lawrence, Taylor Jones, Phil Decola, SavyasacheeMathur, Yunhui Zheng, Gail Wyant, Raymond Blucher, Renee Piatt, Mustafa Abderrahman, Douglas Martins, Hannah Halliday, Ryan Auvil, Michael Woodman, RasheenConnell, Michael Hicks, Belay Demoz, Maria Tzortziou, Pasquale De Rosa, Richard Ferrare, Chris Hostetler PDF File

  2. Measuring Air Quality from Space: Insight from DISCOVER-AQ Beyersdorf, Andreas AGU '14 PPT File (237 MB) + video clip

  3. Aerosol Composition and Variability in Baltimore Measured during DISCOVER-AQ Beyersdorf, Andreas Luke Ziemba, Suzanne Crumeyrolle, Lee Thornhill, Gao Chen, Edward Winstead, Glenn Diskin, Bruce Anderson, Robert Chatfield, Vijay Natraj AGU '12 PDF File

  4. Challenges and opportunities for remote sensing of air quality: Insights from DISCOVER-AQ Crawford, Jim, Ken Pickering, Bruce Anderson, Andreas Beyersdorf, Gao Chen, Richard Clark, Ron Cohen, Glenn Diskin, Rich Ferrare, Alan Fried, Brent Holben, Jay Herman, Ray Hoff, Chris Hostetler, Scott Janz, Mary Kleb, Jim Szykman, Anne Thompson, Andy Weinheimer, Armin Wisthaler, Melissa Yang PDF File

  5. Reconciling Surface-Based Aerosol Retrievals with In-situ Aircraft Measurements in the Baltimore-Washington Area during DISCOVER-AQ CRUMEYROLLE, SUZANNE L. Ziemba, G. Chen, A. Beyersdorf, L. Thornhill, G. Schuster, E. Winstead, J. Schafer, B. Holben, R. Moore, B. Anderson AAAR '12 PDF File

  6. Relating Aerosol Profile and Column Measurements to Surface Concentrations: What Have We Learned from Discover-AQ? Hoff, Raymond, University of Maryland PPT File (7.78 MB)

  7. Field test of a new instrument to measure UV/Vis (300-700 nm) ambient aerosol extinction spectra in Colorado during DISCOVER-AQ Jordan, C. B. Anderson, A. Beyersdorf, J. Dibb, M. Greenslade, R. Martin, E. Scheuer, M. Shook, L. Thornhill, D. Troop, E. Winstead, and L. Ziemba AGU '14 PDF File

  8. Vertical profiles of cloud condensation nuclei, aerosol hygroscopicity, water uptake, and scattering across the United States Lin, J. J. A. Bougiatioti, A. Nenes, B.E. Anderson, A. Beyersdorf, C.A. Brock, T.Gordon, D.A. Lack, D. Law, J. Liao, R.H. Moore, A.M. Middlebrook, M.S. Richardson, K.L. Thornhill, N.L. Wagner, A. Welti, E. Winstead, L. Ziemba AGU '14 PDF File

  9. An Overview of Ozone and Precursor Temporal and Spatial Variability in DISCOVER-AQ Study Regions Pickering, Ken, NASA Goddard; James Crawford, NASA Langley; Melanie Follette-Cook, GESTAR/GSFC; Chris Loughner, UMD/GSFC; Clare Flynn, UMD; Rich Clark, Millersville U.; Scott Janz, NASA Goddard; Lok Lamsal, GESTAR/GSFC; Morgan Silverman, SSAI/LaRC; Deb Stein-Zweers, GESTAR/GSFC; James Szykman, EPA/LaRC; Andy Weinheimer, NCAR; Alan Fried, U. of Colo.; Jay Herman, UMBC/GSFC AGU '14 PPT File (7.07 MB)

  10. Ozone Transport and Mixing Processes in the Boundary Layer Observed with Lidar during Discover-AQ Senff, C. J., A. O. Langford, R. J. Alvarez II, A. Choukulkar, Wm. A. Brewer, A. M. Weickmann, G. Kirgis, S. P. Sandberg, R. M. Hardesty, R. Delgado, R. Long, S. S. Brown, E. Olson PDF File (9.04 MB)

» Posters
  1. The Effects of Long-Range Transport of Agricultural Smoke on AOD in Houston, TX Beyersdorf, A.J. L.D. Ziemba, B.E. Anderson, G. Chen, C. Corr, S. Crumeyrolle, R. Moore, K.L. Thornhill, E.L. Winstead & the entire DISCOVER-AQ & SEAC4RS Science Teams AGU '14 PDF File

  2. Long-Range Transport of Agricultural Smoke to Houston, TX: Effects on Aerosol Optical Depths Beyersdorf, A.J. S. Burton, G. Chen, J. Lin, R. Martin, R. Moore, A. Nenes, K.L. Thornhill, E.L. Winstead, L.D. Ziemba & B.E. Anderson AAAR '14 PDF File

  3. Aerosol Composition and Variability in the San Joaquin Valley Measured during DISCOVER-AQ Beyersdorf, A.J. S.N. Crumeyrolle, L.D. Ziemba, S.E. Pusede, J.B. Nowak, S.P. Burton, G. Chen, R.C. Cohen, K. Duffey, R.A. Ferrare, C.A. Hostetler, R. Martin, R.H Moore, K.L. Thornhill, E.L. Winstead & B.E. Anderson AGU '13 PDF File

  4. Comparative Study of AOD and PM2.5 Relationship with Different Mixing Layer Heights during DISCOVER-AQ Field Campaigns Chu, D. Allen, Richard Ferrare, Gao Chen, John Hair, Chris Hostetler, Brent Holban PDF File

  5. The relevance of column integrated measurements in the Baltimore-Washington area during Discover-AQ Crumeyrolle S. L.D. Ziemba, G. Chen , K.L. Thornhill, A.J. Beyersdorf, E.L. Winstead, R.H. Moore, and B.A. Anderson IGAC '12 PDF File

  6. Spatial Variability in Black Carbon Mixing State Observed During the Multi-City NASA DISCOVER-AQ Field Campaign Moore, Richard H., Luke D. Ziemba, Andreas Beyersdorf, Gao Chen, Chelsea Corr, Charles Hudgins, Robert Martin, Michael Shook, Lee Thornhill, Edward L. Winstead, and Bruce Anderson AGU '14 PDF File (11.7 MB)

  7. Representativeness of Aggregate Vertical Profiles and Influencing Factors from NASA DISCOVER-AQ Shook, Michael, G. Chen, J. Crawford, B. E. Anderson, A. Beyersdorf, R. Moore, A. Scarino, K. L. Thornhill, E. Winstead, and L. Ziemba AGU '14 PDF File

  8. Daily Evolution of Boundary Layer Properties based on NASA DISCOVER-AQ Airborne Profiles over the California San Joaquin Valley Shook, Michael, M. Kleb, G. Chen, B.E. Anderson, J. Barrick, G. Diskin, A. Fried, E. Buzay, D. Van Gilst, A. Weinheimer, M. Yang, D. H. Lenschow AGU '13 PDF File

  9. Comparing ground-based and airborne aerosol measurements during the DISCOVER-AQ Colorado field deployment Thornhill, Lee, B.E. Anderson, L.D. Ziemba, A.J. Beyersdorf, E.L. Winstead, R. Moore, M. Shook, C. Corr, G. Chen, C. Hudgins, J.D.W. Barrick, R. Martin, C.E. Jordan, J. Hite, and A. Nenes AGU '14 PDF File

  10. Comparison of airborne and ground-based aerosol optical measurements made during DISCOVER-AQ California Thornhill, Lee, G. Chen, B.E. Anderson, E. L. Winstead, L. D. Ziemba, A. J. Beyersdorf, S. Crumeyrolle, R. Moore, C. Hudgins, M. Shook, M. Kleb, C. Cappa, and X. Zhang AGU '13 PDF File

  11. Generating Aerosol Data Products from Airborne In-situ Observations made during the 2011 DISCOVER-AQ Field Campaign Thornhill, Lee, B.E. Anderson, G. Chen, E. L. Winstead, L. D. Ziemba, and A. J. Beyersdorf AGU '11 PDF File

  12. Variations In Aerosol Size And Number During DISCOVER-AQ Winstead, Edward L., Kenneth Lee Thornhill, Andreas J. Beyersdorf, Charles H. Hudgins, Luke D. Ziemba, Bruce E. Anderson AAAR '12 PDF File

  13. Variations In Aerosol Size And Number During DISCOVER-AQ Winstead, Edward L., Kenneth Lee Thornhill, Andreas J. Beyersdorf, Charles H. Hudgins, Luke D. Ziemba, Bruce E. Anderson AGU '11 PDF File

  14. Vertical Profiles of Light-Absorbing Aerosol: In-situ and AERONET Observations during NASA DISCOVER-AQ ZIEMBA, LD, Andreas Beyersdorf, Gao Chen, Chelsea Corr, Suzanne Crumeyrolle, David Giles, Brent Holben, Charles Hudgins, Robert Martin, Richard Moore, Michael Shook, K. Lee Thornhill, Edward L. Winstead, and Bruce E. Anderson AGU '14 PDF File

  15. Aerosol Hygroscopicity in an Urban Environment: Airborne Observations during NASA DISCOVER-AQ ZIEMBA, LD, Andreas J. Beyersdorf, Gao Chen, Suzanne Crumeyrolle, Rich Ferrare, Charlie Hudgins, K. Lee Thornhill, Edward L. Winstead, and Bruce E. Anderson AGU '11 PDF File

  16. Determining Aerosol Hygroscopicity through Airborne In-situ and Remote Sensing Observations in an Urban Environment during NASA DISCOVER-AQ ZIEMBA, LD, AJ Beyersdorf, SN Crumeyrolle, CH Hudgins, RH Moore, KL Thornhill, EL Winstead, BE Anderson, and Gao Chen IGAC '12 PDF File

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