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PODEX Datasets

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ER2 Nav data  
Autonomous Modular Sensor (AMS)      - - -  Level-1B  - - -  FTP Download
See flights: 13-925, 13-924, 13-923, 13-922, 13-921, 13-920, 13-918, 13-917
Cloud Physics Lidar (CPL) Click on PODEX on the left
Research Scanning Polarimeter (RSP)
PODEX 2013
Data associated with flight lines
PODEX 2013 - smaller files Additional shorter files during maneuvers
RSP Viewer Code
Spreadsheet Contains when two aircraft get close to one another (B200 within 20 km of ER2, P3B within 20 km of ER2, and P3B within 10 km of B200)
Spreadsheet Contains all ground track intersections of any two aircraft or even with itself and the time difference in minutes when the aircrafts were over that intersection
All RSP data including PODEXB
PODEXB labelled flights are for January-February 2013.

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