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INTEX-A DC8 Chemical and Meteorological Data Plots

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DC-8 Plot Order
DC-8 Flight Times
DC-8 Flight Tracks

Flight Date Location Mission Objectives
1-2 6/26-6/29/2004 NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Test Flights-No chemical data archival required
3 7/01/2004 NASA Dryden Flight Research Center AIRS validation, characterization of low-level California and high level Asian outflow,background and inflow characterization, and stratospheric intrusions
4 7/06/2004 NASA Dryden Flight Research Center to Mid-America California plume transported to the east, AZ-CO fire plumes, frontal crossings over midwest and convective ofutflow over Great Plains
5 7/8/2004 Mid-America Validation of the MOPITT and MODIS instruments aboard the TERRA satellite, characterization of aged California outflow, mapping of mid-western boundary layer pollution, sampling of deep convection over the Carolinas, and exploring the relationship between biogenic emissions and their products over the Smoky Mountains
6 7/10/2004 Mid-America Validation of instruments aboard the Envisat (SCHIA) and Aqua (AIRS, MODIS) satellites, mapping of mid- western boundary layer pollution, sampling of deep convection, exploring the relationship between biogenic emissions and their products, and characterization of outflow from Texas
7 7/12/2004 Mid-America Boundary layer mapping of south-central U.S., aged convective/lightning outflow over southeast U.S. and validation of validation of Park Falls FTS, SCIAMACHY, and AIRS
8 7/15/2004 Mid-America to Pease Validation of Terra (MOPITT, MISR) and Aqua (AIRS, MODIS) instruments, validation of FTS CO2 column measurements at Park Falls, CO2 inter- comparison with the NSF King Air (COBRA) aircraft, characterization of Asian pollution, Alaskan fires, and anthropogenic pollution
9 7/18/2004 Pease Validation of Envisat (SCHIA) and Aqua (AIRS, MODIS) satellite instruments, a first attempt at the Lagrangian experiment, characterization of North American pollution outflow, possible characterization of Alaskan fires, and a flyby over the NOAA ship Ron Brown
10 7/20/2004 Pease Validation of Aqua (AIRS, MODIS)instruments, characterization of smoke from Alaskan fires transported over the US, boundary layer pollution over the southeast and mid- west,and a coordinated radiation closure experiment with the J-31
11 7/22/2004 Pease Sampling polluted boundary layer outflow along the eastern seaboard both to the north and south of Pease. Intercomparison between the NASA DC-8 and NOAA WP-3D aircraft. A coordinated validation profile was also planned with the J-31 over the NOAA research vessel Ron Brown and beneath the MISR instrument on NASA's Terra satellite.
12 7/25/2004 Pease Convective outflow from southeast US, map Ohio River Valley emissions in northerly flow and Terra underflight.
13 7/28/2004 Pease Sample the structure and chemical evolution of the US continental outflow out over the Atlantic Ocean and to do a comparison between the measurements on the DC-8 and the BAe146.
14 7/31/2004 Pease Satellite underpass, aged air sampling/recirculation, low level outflow, P-3 intercomparison, and possible Asian influences
15 8/02/2004 Pease Under-fly Terra (MOPITT/MODIS) and Aqua (AIRS) satellites, sample low level North American outflow and aged air pollution aloft, conduct a coordinated closure experiment over Ron Brown with the J-31, and a flyby over the ground Appledore island air quality station.
16 8/06/2004 Pease Terra underflight
17 8/07/2004 Pease Under-fly Terra (MOPITT/MISR) and perform a predefined maneuver in coordination with the J-31, Ron Brown and MISR, sample North American outflow, a stratospheric intrusion, and perform P-3 intercomparison.
18 8/11/2004 Pease to Mid-America Terra underpass, Aqua underpass, NA outflow and WCB lifting, frontal crossing and low level pollution
19 8/13/2004 Mid-America Satellite underpass and outflow from major industrial cities
20 8/14/2004 Mid-America to NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Satellite underpass, Asian outflow, and NA inflow



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