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ASIA-AQ – Airborne and Satellite Investigation of Asian Air Quality

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    Recent Activities

    The ASIA-AQ mission is an international cooperative field study designed to address local air quality challenges. Specifically, ASIA-AQ will contribute to improving the integration of satellite observations with existing air quality ground monitoring and modeling efforts across Asia. Satellite air quality observations are evolving with new capabilities from South Korea’s Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS). Traditional satellite measurements from low earth orbit (LEO) are only available once per day. GEMS measures hourly to provide a new view of air quality conditions from space that both complements and depends upon ground-based monitoring efforts of countries in its field of view.

    ASIA-AQ specific science goals will focus on the following topics: (1) Satellite Validation and Interpretation, (2) Emissions Quantification and Verification, (3) Model Evaluation, (4) Aerosol Chemistry, and (5) Ozone Chemistry. » more
    ASIA-AQ will be conducted in early 2024, it is an opportunity for international collaboration, working with local partners to apply multi-perspective observations in a consistent strategy across interested Asian countries to improve both specific understanding of local air quality issues and general understanding of common challenges in the interpretation of satellite observations and modeling of air quality.

    ASIA-AQ will deploy several research aircraft, and conduct airborne sampling across three to five locations in collaboration with local scientists, air quality agencies, and other relevant government partners.
    Schematic representation of the observing strategy for ASIA-AQ. Multi-perspective observations from the ground, air, and space will be leveraged along with multi-scale modeling focused on air quality.

    Observing domain for GEMS (orange box) and candidate locations for airborne sampling during ASIA-AQ. Yellow circles indicate the original areas of interest and engagement, while red circles indicate the locations still under negotiation for flight sampling. The overlaid colormap shows annual average nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations observed by the TROPOMI satellite with red colors indicating the most polluted locations. Candidate location include: Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; Taiwan; Manila, Philippines; Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Bangkok, Thailand; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore; Dhaka, Bangladesh and Kolkata, India, and Delhi, India.

    For ASIA-AQ details, visit:


    » ASIA-AQ White Paper (July 20, 2023)

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    Curator: Ali Aknan
    NASA Official: Dr. Gao Chen

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