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    OWLETS - Ozone Water-Land Environmental Transition Study
    • Significant land-water gradients in coastal regions can occur due to differences in surface deposition, boundary layer height, and cloud coverage, example to right is an EPA/CMAQ surface ozone example case

    • Studies have examined the Chesapeake air-shed with respect to ozone including: Martins et al. 2012 (Hampton Roads region), Goldberg et al. 2014, Loughner et al. 2014, Stauffer et al. 2015 (Baltimore-DC region)
            - O3 measurements over water are scarce

    • NASA Looking Forward: Vertical, horizontal, and temporal (4-D) measurements are needed to describe complex scenes to improve forecast models and air quality satellite retrievals
            - TEMPO/GEOCAPE

    • Key goal: provide user community high resolution vertical O3 profiles simultaneously over the land and water during various air quality events
            - Daytime, nighttime, sunset/sunrise, “poor” AQ days as well as “clean”
            more »

            » Article: NASA Chesapeake Bay Study To Help Improve Air-Quality Forecasts

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    Curator: Ali Aknan
    NASA Official: Dr. Gao Chen

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