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The NASA Transport and Chemical Evolution over the Pacific (TRACE-P) comprised the third of three planned Pacific Exploratory Missions in the central and western regions of the Pacific Ocean basin. TRACE-P was part of NASA's Global Tropospheric Experiment (GTE). The GTE is an ongoing element of the Tropospheric Chemistry Program, a Research and Analysis (R&A) program within the Science Division of NASA's Office for Earth Science Enterprise.

TRACE-P, conducted in March/April 2001, had as it's major objectives to 1) determine the chemical composition of the Asian outflow over the western Pacific in spring in order to understand and quantify the export of chemically and radiatively important gases and aerosols, and their precursors, from the Asian continent and to 2) determine the chemical evolution of the Asian outflow over the western Pacific in spring and to understand the ensemble of processes that control the evolution.

Flight Tracks: NASA P-3B and NASA DC-8
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