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KORUS-AQ – An International Cooperative Air Quality Field Study in Korea

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  • KORUS-AQ - An International Cooperative Air Quality Field Study in Korea
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    » KORUS-AQ DOI: 10.5067/Suborbital/KORUSAQ/DATA01

    KORUS-AQ offers the opportunity to further advance NASA goals and those of its international partners related to air quality through a targeted field study focused on the South Korean peninsula and surrounding waters. The study
    would integrate observations from aircraft, ground sites, and satellites with air quality models to understand the factors controlling air quality across urban, rural, and coastal interfaces.

    KORUS-AQ serves as a model for international collaboration as Korean and U.S. scientists would cooperate on all aspects of air quality research. This would build relationships and strengthen future collaboration critical to the success of the constellation of geostationary air quality satellites to be launched by NASA, KARI, and ESA later this decade » more

    KORUS-AQ Campaign

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    >> KORUS-AQ: Science Overview

    >> KORUS-AQ: DC-8 Instruments

    >> Article: The Future of Monitoring Air Quality from Space

    >> Airborne Expedition Tackles Global Air Quality Problem

    National Institute of Environmental Research

    For KORUS-AQ details, visit:

    NASA - National Aeronautics and Space
    Curator: Ali Aknan
    NASA Official: Dr. Gao Chen

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